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Mount Buller Demons
Full name Mount Buller Demons Fantasy Football Club
Former name(s) Team Pump
Nickname(s) Demons
Former nickname(s) Pumps
Season 15 season
Home-and-away season 5th
Leading goalkicker Rhodesy_Blues (35)
Club details
Founded Season 01[1]
Colours Navy blue and red
Competition Sweet F.A.
Captain(s) Eth
Premierships None
Ground(s) Snow Dome

The Mount Buller Demons is a current football club in the Sweet FA.

One of the two original teams which has maintained existence throughout the length of the competition without succumbing to a merge or fold, the other being the West Coast Wonders, it was originally named Team Pump, after the team's creator, then named BIG POPPA PUMP[2], but after two seasons with the name it was eventually ruled out in favour of the name that has stuck until today.


The formation[]

On January 27, 2001, BigFooty user BIG POPPA PUMP created a thread[3] highlighting his desire to create a team called Team Pump.

More to be added

Season 15[]

Season 15 started on a bright note, with many Demons - most notably doggies ftw on-ball - enjoying fantastic runs with form, and it resulted in a 4-0 start to see them second on the ladder, and even to first the next round following a loss to fellow top team, the West Coast Wonders. That was, however, a one-week occurrence, and a drop in from saw them performing superbly one week and dismally for the next two.

With teams around them performing consistently well, and the Demons not, their grasp in the top two began to weaken, and then the top four, and by the end of Round 9 they had dropped out of the top four altogether, and their blistering form a thing of the past.

The team continued to drop matches, although intertwined were some matches that reminded the league why they finished runner-up in the previous season, but overall it was a long run of little form that saw them drop as low as seventh before winning the last game of the year to finish fifth, winning four games from their last 13.

It was an exodus that hurt the club most, however. Juggalo Balla stepped down from the captaincy, announcing Eth as his successor, after a dispute between himself and Deddy forced the deputy vice-captain out.

cats2rise made a return to the Geelong Gumbies, while full forward Rhodesy_Blues retired.


The Demons wear the colours of red and navy blue, similar to that of the AFL team of the same name. The guernsey contains a navy blue base with a red trim and red band horizontally across the middle, with the shape of the peak of Mount Buller cut out of the band. Demons stalwart Joe King designed the team logo.

Current squad[]

Mount Buller Demons Season 15 squad
Full squad Leadership positions
  • Eth

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie

Club honours[]

Honour roll[]

Season Pos Captain(s) Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S01 4th BIG POPPA PUMP Warrior


Warrior (28)
S02 5th jod23 & Macca19 Macca19* Broadbridge_20 (29)
S03 2nd Deestroy & Broadbridge_20[5] BT* BT (79)
S04 4th Deestroy & Broadbridge_20 footyman* footyman (83)
S05 8th Deestroy & Broadbridge_20 BT* BT (82)
S06 12th Deestroy[6] Daniel138* Daniel138 (60)
S07 8th Deestroy V_Townsend DeledioToTambling (55)
S08 4th Tarkyn_24[7] EBIAC EBIAC (45)
S09 6th EBIAC & Bomberlegend2007 EBIAC Larkis (32)
S10 8th EBIAC & Bomberlegend2007 TigerGlory okeydoke7 (62)
S11 8th TigerGlory cooney cats2rise (45)
S12 4th EBIAC EBIAC & Freakie cats2rise (49)
S13 7th EBIAC Gus & Joe King cats2rise (42)
S14 2nd EBIAC, Juggalo Balla Deddy & Eth Juggalo Balla (42)
S15 5th Juggalo Balla Eth Rhodesy_Blues (35)
S16 Eth

* Best and fairest determined by total Exie points for the season, versus a traditional count

Individual awards[]

Deestroy Medal (best and fairest)[]

cats2rise Medal (leading goalkicker)[]

Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners[]

EKA Medal winners[]

AlfAndrews Medal winners[]

  • Juggalo Balla (S14)

Deestroy Medal winners[]

Frankston Rover Award winners[]

  • nil

All-SFA representatives[]

The Demons have had 17 players achieve selection in the Sweet FA's All-SFA team, and 23 selections overall[8]. Former captain EBIAC leads the pack with four selections over a five-season period.

Match records[]

Records set by players[]

Most matches[]

Rank Games Player Career
1 237 Deestroy Season 02 - Season 08, Season 11-
2 126 Headless* Season 07 -
3 120 EBIAC Season 08 - Season 14
4 107 cooney* Season 10 -
=5 96 dees01 Season 01 - Season 05
Broadbridge_20 Season 01 - Season 05
7 87 Joe King Season 11 - Season 15
8 83 cats2rise Season 11 - Season 15
9 75 footyman Season 03 - Season 06
10 72 godees22 Season 03 - Season 06
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to end of S15.

Most goals[]

Rank Games Player Career
1 264 Deestroy Season 02 - Season 08, Season 11-
2 179 BT Season 03 - Season 05
3 159 cats2rise Season 11 - Season 15
4 142 EBIAC Season 08 - Season 14
5 139 footyman Season 03 - Season 06
6 135 Broadbridge_20 Season 01 - Season 05
7 107 Daniel138 Season 05 - Season 07
8 93 Juggalo Balla Season 12 - Season 15
9 84 CowboyFromHell Season 02 - Season 05
10 83 cooney* Season 10 -
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to end of S15.
  • Most goals in a season:
  • Most goals in a single match:
  • Most Dream Team points in a season:
  • Most Dream Team points in a single match:
  • Most Exie points in a season:
  • Most Exie points in a single match:


  1. Founded as Team Pump before changing name to the Mount Buller Demons in Season 03.
  2. Big Poppa Pump announces Team Pump.
  3. BIG POPPA PUMP's original thread can be found here.
  4. S01 Team Pump best and fairest count.
  5. BIG POPPA PUMP changed his username to Broadbridge_20 over the off-season.
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  8. All-SFA team selections over all seasons.

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