Mobbenfuhrer is the creator of the Qooty sim software that is the basis for the whole of the Sweet FA. He is also a long time player and initiator of the Roys FFC, and has also represented the Hurricanes and the Mod Squad during his long and illustrious career. Mobbs is the father of the SFA and inaugural administrator. The league best and fairest award, the Mobbenfuhrer Medal is named after him.


Words cannot begin to describe what Mobbs has done for the league but what follows is an attempt to at least partially honour The Fuhrer.


Qooty is the Simulator for the Sweet FA and was created by Mobbenfuhrer but the best way to describe it is with the words from the man himself:

"Watch Yourself Play Like Crap ... For Free!
Qooty is a text-based Aussie Rules simulator written in QBasic. It's really pretty shoddy and has bugs galore, but it works.
After writing the game for my own enjoyment, and then finding some folks were interested in using it themselves, I thought I'd stick it on the net.
A maximum of only 3 files are required to get QOOTY up and running.
I hope you get a kick out of it!"

BigFooty Football LeagueEdit

In 2001, the Sweet FA commenced as the BigFooty Football League, created by long-time administrator and sim creator Mobbenfuhrer, but altered its name in the throes of setting up its inaugural season.

Roys FFCEdit

The Roys FFC represents the love that Mobbs has for the Fitzroy Football Club. The team joined the Sweet FA in Season 04 and while Mobbs takes a back seat in the running of the club these days he is still the heart and soul of The Gorillas.

Mobbs MedalEdit

The Mobbenfuhrer Medal commonly shortened to the Mobbs Medal is an honour bestowed on the best player in the league as dictated by the Qooty sim this man created.

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