Fighting Furies
Fighting Furies Logo
Full name Fighting Furies Fantasy Football Club
Nickname(s) Furies
Season 15 season
Premiership 2nd
Home-and-away season 4th
Leading goalkicker Nuffers (35)
Club details
Founded Season 03
Colours Black & Yellow
Competition Sweet F.A.
Premierships Four
Ground(s) Punt Road

The Fighting Furies are a fantasy football club competing in the Sweet FA. They are one of the league's most successful clubs, having played in five grand finals in a seven-season stretch from 05 to 11 that yielded four premierships. Following that golden era, the Furies had an absence from finals before returning to be a powerhouse of the league in Season 15 where they lost to the West Coast Wonders in the Grand Final.


The Fighting Furies were founded in S03. The club is somewhat unique to other clubs as it only allows supporters of the AFL team Richmond Tigers to join their playing ranks.

Since its inception, the Fighting Furies have been one of the most successful clubs in the league, having won a total of four premierships.



The Furies Playing Strip

The Fighting Furies have had several guernseys over the seasons, however the team colours have always consisted of yellow and black. The current playing strip consists of a predominately black background with a yellow chest and a Furies logo displayed on the front. The shorts are also predominantly black to match the guernsey.

Club honoursEdit

  • Premierships: 05, 08, 10, 11
  • Minor premierships:
  • Pre-season premierships:

Honour rollEdit

Season Pos Captain Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S03 TBC rfctigerarmy TBC Mighty Tiges (36)
S04 TBC rfctigerarmy TBC Khan (52)
S05 TBC rfctigerarmy TBC itsintheblood (111)
S06 TBC sante TBC Kretchy (67)
S07 TBC TFLUA-Tiger TBC tugga (61)
S08 TBC TFLUA-Tiger TBC bigpapagman (58)
S09 TBC PHX TBC tugga (38)
S10 TBC PHX Cleishy tugga (72)
S11 TBC PHX Cleishy rfctigerarmy (63)
S12 TBC PHX Not Awarded rfctigerarmy (39)
S13 TBC Equus Equus, hougie rfctigerarmy (29)
S14 TBC Equus BILC Fumbles (30)
S15 TBC Equus, BILC, Filthy_Sanchez Grockadoc Nuffers (35)

Individual awardsEdit

SFA Hall of Fame MembersEdit

rfctigerarmy - inducted S15

EKA Medal winnersEdit

Frankston Rover Award winnersEdit

AlfAndrews Medal winnersEdit

Deestroy Medal winnersEdit

Cutty S15Edit

All-SFA representativesEdit

(Season 03) - Mighty Tiges (FP)

(Season 04) - FWOY (CHB), rfctigerarmy (Wing), Rodan 18 (Int)

(Season 05) - Weaver (FP), CJH (Ruck), itsintheblood (Int)

(Season 06) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 07) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 08) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 09) - PHX (HB)

(Season 10) - PHX (Wing), Equus (Ruck)

(Season 11) - PHX (CHB), BILC (Wing), rfctigerarmy (FF), Equus (Ruck)

(Season 12) - Equus (Centre)

(Season 13) - BILC (BP), Equus (FP)

(Season 14) - fightingfury_88 (FB), Fumbles (HF)

(Season 15) -

Current squadEdit

Fighting Furies Season 15 squad
Full squad Leadership positions
  • Filthy Sanchez

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie

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