The BigFooty Dragons was a foundation Sweet FA club which competed in Seasons 01 and 02. The club was originally named Terminators FC by ArnoldSchwarzenegger. After playing a couple of scratch matches under this name, the new name of the BigFooty Dragons was conceived, and the team operated under this moniker for its two seasons of existence.

The Dragons were runners-up in the first preseason competition, and their first premiership season was a strong one, being one the top three teams all year before bowing out to a timely-peaking Seventh Wonders in the Preliminary Final.

Their follow-up season, though, was disappointing, with a second-to-last finish, and it was also to prove their last.

While a source of confusion, it has been determined that the more recent Dragons (currently part of the merged entity Southern Dragons) are a completely unrelated club.

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Seasons                : 01-02 (3rd, 7th)
Founder                : ArnoldSchwarzenegger
Premierships           : None
Mobbenfuhrer Medallists: Jethro (01)
AlfAndrews Medallists  : None
Notes                  :